Our Beliefs

At Ovilla United Methodist Church, we believe that membership and discipleship are words of action. Our mission is The Great Commission—to “go out and make disciples of Jesus Christ” (Matthew 28). We glorify God through missions, outreach, studying God’s Holy Word and evangelism through invitation and example.

Membership at OUMC is a call to action. Our vow to this congregation is to support it through prayers, presence, gifts, service and, most importantly, witness. Involvement in building God’s Kingdom is the key. God created us to serve Him, while being in relationship with Him, through Jesus Christ. There isn’t a time we gather to worship God that an invitation to accept Jesus Christ isn’t given. We know Jesus is the way to heaven.

Ovilla United Methodist has been blessed with a large portion of land on the corner of Westmoreland Road and Ovilla Road. In a short time, we’ll build a new church edifice on God’s appointed land for us. The church will operate a 24-hour prayer chapel, host a fishing ministry and sponsor an after-school program, all while providing recreational facilities for the communities around us.

Our present location may be limited in space, but it’s teeming with those who know the world needs a relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Apologetics is to defend one’s faith in Jesus Christ. At OUMC, we don’t apologize for our apologetics. The Third Great Awakening is here! We believe it’s time to revive the Methodist movement. Praise God!

-Pastor Joel M. Robbins