Serve At OUMC


Congregational Care Programs

Our dedicated Congregational Care volunteers offer ministries to meet the spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational needs of our church family and community.

  • Sunday Usher; Greeters

  • Guest; New Member Ministry

  • Church-Wide Meals; Potlucks


Shepherd Care Program


Our Shepherding Program is designed to carry a ministry of concern beyond the Sunday Church. It’s intended to ensure that all members feel cared for by their church family with a team of amazing members assuming the responsibility for other families in the church. The Shepherding Coordinator and team will organize meals for their assigned families.

For more information, contact Sheila Allison at


Volunteers for Children & Student Programs

Our church has adopted the Ministry Safe program to assure the safety of our children. This process offers the most comprehensive screening strategies and forms. It’s our opinion that a fine-tuned screening process is far more effective than even the best background check. Creating a completely safe environment for children, students and adults is very important to us. In order for our Children and Students programs to succeed, we need volunteers to help encourage, mentor and teach them about the Word of God.

For more information, contact Michelle Campbell to start the Ministry Safe Program at